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Additive Manufacturing

More commonly known as 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing is a way of creating objects, such as design prototypes, from three-dimensional models by building up layers of material.

Why is this skill important?

One of the newest and fastest-growing branches of engineering, Additive Manufacturing is more commonly known as 3D printing.

Traditional manufacturing methods, such as milling and turning, cut away material to create the desired end product. In Additive Manufacturing, layers are added in succession to achieve the same result.

Additive Manufacturing can be a more agile way to create strong and complex objects, such as prototypes, for industry and designers, and with less waste.

Working in Addictive Manufacturing requires a new approach to design and manufacturing. This includes a thorough understanding of the equipment for 3D printing and scanning, and the characteristics of the materials used, along with applied mathematics, geometry, and Computer Aided Design and Engineering (CAD and CAE). An understanding and imagination for the potential future uses of this technology is essential.


Soest, Germany

13–16 October 2022

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Rank Medal Result Competitor Country/Region
1. Gold 723 Shun Le Sit
2. Silver 717 Weitong Lin
3. 683 Srimannarayana Raju Pusapati
4. 670 Jonas Englbrecht

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Jonas Englbrecht

Weitong Lin

Srimannarayana Raju Pusapati

Shun Le Sit

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