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Aircraft Maintenance

An aircraft maintenance technician is vital to keep us safe in the sky.

Why is this skill important?

An aircraft maintenance technician works in the commercial, military, and public service sectors, performing a range of processes on aeronautical products. They have a critical responsibility to work professionally to ensure the safety of customers and operational personnel while maintaining the reputation of the team or organization.

The aircraft maintenance technician normally works in an aircraft hangar. However, there are times when working outdoors is required. They may work for large and small organizations and occasionally directly for individual customers. They will undertake a number of processes including inspection, servicing, modifying, troubleshooting, removal, installation, rigging, testing, and repairing. An aircraft maintenance technician may specialize by working on particular aeronautical products such as helicopters, airliners UAVs (Unmanned Aeronautical Vehicles), or tilt wing aircraft. Key attributes required by all aircraft maintenance technicians wherever they work are efficient work organization, self-management, communication, interpersonal skills and problem-solving. They must have the ability to work safely and rigorously adhere to industry regulations and manufacturer’s instructions. These universal traits are the benchmark of an outstanding aircraft maintenance technician.

In a mobile labour market, the aircraft maintenance technician may work in teams, or alone, or in both from time to time. Whatever the structure of the work, the trained and experienced aircraft maintenance technician takes on a high level of personal responsibility and autonomy. From safeguarding the safety of the customer through scrupulous attention to safe working, to undertaking complex repairs, every process matters and mistakes can be life threatening. The aircraft maintenance technician is one of the last lines of defence to ensure the safety of the aircraft before flight.

As a part of a global industry, the aircraft maintenance technician faces rapidly expanding opportunities and challenges such as maintaining drones or space vehicles. For the talented aircraft maintenance technician there are many commercial and international opportunities; however, these carry with them the need to understand and work with different regulations, cultures, and technological advancements. The diversity of skills associated with aircraft maintenance is therefore likely to expand.



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South Africa

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