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Web Technologies

Planning and designing, as well as testing websites, maintaining them, incorporating third party platforms, and integrating social media platforms.

Why is this skill important?

Web technology encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the design, development, production, and maintenance of websites. The skills required of a web developer are diverse, often to the point where it is difficult for a developer to excel in all aspects. As a result, a team may cover the Web design process, with each member of the team having their own strengths, specialities, and role in the development process.

Web technologies involve implementing specific solutions by using web technologies that follow the business rules and objectives outlined by the client. Web developers develop a professional relationship with their clients, interacting with them in order to develop a deep understanding of the requirements, and convert these into a website specification. Strong design and communication skills, coupled with research techniques and a grasp of target audiences, markets and trends, will ensure initial client satisfaction.

Having completed the website content strategies, system architecture planning, user interface design, and user experience design, the Web developer then integrates the website with third party tools and platforms. During the development process Web developer implement the design, using their programming skills in order to create dynamic functionalities, test, and debug the website by using a variety of devices. The current trend is also to integrate the website with social media to take advantage of the available online marketing platforms.

All these skills may apply equally to the re-design or an upgrade of an existing website.

A Web developer has many employment opportunities. This can range from being a self-employed freelancer, or an entrepreneur, to being employed by advertising agencies and web development companies as well as many different other types of organizations. Web developer positions may be broad in scope or specialize in an area such as graphic design for the Web, user interface design, digital user experience design, front end development, back end development, content management systems development as well as client and project management. Whichever role a Web developer chooses to specialize in, they may need access to ICT facilities, open source libraries, and frameworks.

High performing Web developers may have broad or specialist web-related skills. They must understand artistic values, have solid user interface design skills, and programming skills, and take personal responsibility for being constantly at the forefront of trends and web technology. They must also be responsive to clients and have the ability to work in structured and unstructured teams and groups. These qualities enable the Web developer to contribute and take advantage of this rapidly developing aspect of modern communications technology.


Goyang, Korea

13—16 October 2022


Dina Afanasyeva

Salem Alhadhrami
United Arab Emirates

Alonso Fabian Artavia Ceciliano
Costa Rica

Advaith Arun Jeena

khadijah baothman
Saudi Arabia

Chinese Taipei

Juan Esteban Deossa Pertuz

Danial Dezfouli Nejad

Tom Diggelmann

Melkon Hovhannisyan

Evan Juge

Viktor Karpinski

Sihyun Ko

Jun Liang


Lewis Newton
United Kingdom

Jun Ze Ong

Fagan Rasulov

Rasmus Risberg

Botond Bendeguz Sisak

Aleksis Steinburgs

Valtteri Verronen

Ka Hing WONG
Hong Kong, China

Haruka Yamada